supporting the change with wish to see

We have been supporting the change we wish to see through CSR initiatives since the beginning. From injecting CSR initiatives in teambuilding, uplifting lives at local communities that we work with, to fighting food waste, below are some special projects that we’ve supported in driving positive change to the environment and society.

To-date, we have supported and impacted lives through the following beneficiaries and organisations:

Agape School for the Deaf logo
Agape School for the Deaf in
Timor Leste
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Bandekdee Orphanage logo
Bandekdee Orphanage
Gone Adventurin logo
Gone Adventurin
I-India logo
Very Special Arts logo
Very Special Arts Singapore Ltd
Xuy Xa Orphanage logo
Xuy Xa Orphanage
together, we can empower change